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iCheetah Technology Intelligent Transportation Platform

Create a low-cost and efficient African, Southeast Asian intelligent logistics ecosystem with O2O mode.

Background Introduction Background Introduction

The logistics of African countries is in its infancy. It is in the early stage of contract logistics, and special line logistics has not been formed. In African countries, there are many business pain points in cross-border and domestic highway transportation, such as asymmetric vehicle and cargo information, insufficient truck fleet resources, difficult vehicle management, long stand-by time in border and so on. And the small and medium-sized truck fleets are of the majority, whose capacity to carry on cargo is limited. In many cases, return cargo is difficult to be realized, which results in high transportation cost and social logistics costs will remain unbearable.

However, the African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement has come into effect on May 30, 2019 and 54 of the 55 members of the AU have signed the agreement. The countries of the African continent will focus more on economic development, and multilateral economic and trade exchanges will be strengthened, and then cross-border transportation will march into a great development period.

Main Features and Highlights
Main Features and Highlights
Business Model

The first issue that Icheetah Technology intelligent transportation platform needs to solve is return cargo distribution. It integrates the information of freight sources of various countries in Southeast Africa, realizes the matching of vehicle and cargo information, reduces the unloaded ratio of the vehicle’s return trip, increases the revenue of the truck fleets to make them want to reduce freight to attract owners of cargo, so that more owners of cargo will join the platform.

At the same time, the platform will carry out rating management for the owners of cargo and truck fleets, by putting forward the requirements of effectiveness of cargo preparation, customs clearance, cargo acceptance, payment and other procedures of the owners of cargo, and defining detailed regulation of timely pick-up of cargo, safe transportation, delivery of goods and other items of truck fleets. Finally the platform will form an ecosystem by integrating a lot of resources of cargo and truck fleets with good quality.

The platform will also focus on the improvement of information management level of the truck fleets. The trucks which are integrated on the platform will be equipped with GPS equipment to realize the real-time monitoring on the road. The platform will offer trucks dispatch management module to each truck fleet so that they can check the real-time operation condition of their own trucks. And the platform will provide mobile input ports of data, such as fuel consumption, maintenance, driver's salary, road and bridge fees so that the truck fleets can realize the detailed analysis of operation condition of each truck. For the owners of cargo, the platform will send the information of cargo condition at important spots so that owners can know the cargo situation in time. For drivers, the mobile APP will receive the dispatch information in time, plan the cargo transportation route and so on.

The platform will also provide auto finance service for each truck fleet. The truck fleets integrated on the platform can subcontract the logistics business on the platform and deduct installments of the trucks by offsetting the transportation fee.

Then the platform will increase the investment of offline resources to increase the viscosity of the cargo owner and truck fleets. It will integrate or self-establish offline customs clearance brokers, border agents, maintenance stations, gas stations, bonded and non-bonded warehouses, logistics parks and other basic logistics facilities to improve the online efficiency.

Business Model